Blount Education Initiative’s
Community Outreach Campaign

Project description

Officially launched in April 2008, the Blount Education Initiative (BEI) of Maryville, Tenn., was a three-year effort assembled by a group of forward-thinking educators, business leaders and community activists in order to make education the top priority in Blount County. BEI sought to advance this agenda by developing a sustained public awareness campaign focusing on the critical issues related to education, supporting local schools in their efforts to provide a top-notch education for all students and serving as a bridge between the educational community and businesses to develop meaningful collaborations.

MBWC was engaged to manage the communications strategy and support the execution of that strategy. A public awareness campaign was born from MBWC’s recommended strategy, with a separate media relations component as the cornerstone, which was also developed and implemented by MBWC. The result local media coverage included the following, well in excess of the objective:

  • Thirty-five print and 19 broadcast feature placements for Blount Education Initiative
  • Twenty-four other press mentions
  • More than 6.5 million online impressions
  • Estimate 5.9 million audience impressions

According to clipping report documentation, some 12.5 million impressions were generated locally and statewide in print, online and broadcast campaign media coverage. The campaign’s evaluation phase not only documented the deliverables of the campaign, but it also facilitated an action plan for the following year’s media relations campaign.

Blount Education Initiative’s Website Redesign

MBWC was engaged to redesign a website for the group to help communicate BEI’s outreach mission with a streamlined site that increased SEO and brand awareness.  According to Google Analytics, the redesigned website generated on-goal site visits and provided a re-energized, contemporary face for the BEI brand.

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