Blount Partnership
You’re Going to Need a Longer Stay

Project description

The Blount Partnership is the sole economic development agency for the Blount County, Tenn., area, inclusive of the Chamber of Commerce and the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority (SMTDA). The goal of the campaign was to develop ads that would communicate to the audience that Blount Tourism could be the concierge and plan their whole itinerary, or they can pick options á la carte to plan their own trip using the agency’s website as a guide.

In 2014, the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority asked MBWC to develop three magazine ads to attract travel operators to bring their groups to the Smokies; develop overnight stays in Blount County and have their groups not only visit Smokies attractions, but be the “hub” for their travel in the East Tennessee region.

SMTDA specifically wanted readers to be moved, inspired and engaged to visit its website for planning their next group destination event. Stay tuned for impression results from placement in Southern Travel & Lifestyle, NTA Courier and Convention South.

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