Graphic Creations
Wrap My Ride Contest

Project description

Graphic Creations is an ever-expanding fixture in the Knoxville community, specializing in everything from in-house design and printing, to corporate swag and car wraps. 2012 marked their 25th year in business and it wanted to celebrate the anniversary by hosting a fun, online contest. The contest would be administered through social media to engage the public with an exciting opportunity to win a vehicle wrap to help promote their business.

MBWC was engaged to plan and administer the contest, called Wrap My Ride. Users were to participate by uploading personal content directly to a custom contest page designed for Facebook in the form of a picture or video showing their ride and explaining why they should win the vehicle wrap. The winner would be judged from among the three entries that received the most votes on Facebook. This encouraged contestants to share their video with their social networks to gain support from their communities. An added benefit to having a contest through social media was to increase the number of people who interact with the Graphic Creations brand and to deepen the connection to the brand all by tapping into the human drive to compete.

The contest provided expanded exposure for its existing customers as well as new prospective clients. With a total of 24 entries, the company gained brand exposure over social media, resulting in 17,560 visits to the company’s Facebook page. The contest page received 13,611 views, and there were a total of 3,038 votes. Additionally, many of the clients that entered were still interested in a wrap or other services that Graphic Creations offered.

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