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Kelsan, a leading janitorial and sanitary supplier, engaged the MBWC digital team to develop a mobile app for use by customers and salespeople.

In 1950, Till Keller founded Kelsan in Knoxville as one of East Tennessee’s first true janitorial and sanitary supply distributors. Today, the company continues to have the region’s largest selection of sanitary maintenance-related products. In 1999, Kelsan expanded its product line, adding packaging supplies when it acquired Industrial Paper and Packaging Corp.

Kelsan needed to expand beyond its website and call center to put its 10,000 cleaning and packaging supplies in immediate physical reach of customers, in order to build more competitive brand relationships and a retention factor that would help keep customers tied to the Kelsan brand with a highly efficient and convenient way to purchase products. Additionally, online sales represented an opportunity for Kelsan to convert a large number of its offline sales to online sales.

The mobile app needed to stay consistent with Kelsan’s existing brand and culture. At the same time, it needed to utilize the technology stack Kelsan has in place that allows customers to create orders online and uses existing internal processes and team members to manage customer relations. As a communications tool, the Kelsan app had to provide the following functionality and user experience, with the capability to handle up to 60 users at one time:

  • a quick, easy and mobile way for customers and salespeople to enter and approve orders for ultimate efficiency and flexibility
  • the order entry and approvals functions needed to allow customers and salespeople to enter an order on Apple mobile phone and tablet devices utilizing a simplified order entry process that reduces the order process steps found on the website storefront
  • a quick and easy internal approval process, if required by the customer, that would trigger an email notification for internal review via a link to the order in the mobile app
  • and the ability to store customer information regarding customer-specific pricing, previously purchased or created product/shopping lists and order history

The key audience was determined to be B2B External – small, medium and large business owners and facility / office managers and internal Kelsan staff account management group. The resulting app has 258 active users and handles up to 60 users ordering at one time.

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