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Project description

Mary Beth West Communications, LLC (MBWC), was engaged to assist in three events for PlanET in 2013 to help further the region’s vision for long-term sustainability.

Plan East Tennessee is a partnership of five counties working together to build a shared vision and plan for the future of the region. Funded by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), PlanET is a collaborative effort focused on key issues including jobs, housing, transportation, a clean environment, and community health. The goal is to achieve long-term solutions to the highlighted issues and enrich the communities involved both at present and into the future. The “ETcompetes!” theme was created during 2013 to demonstrate the value of PlanET to help make the region economically competitive for the future.

Community input, community member support, greater focus on the identified key issue of education, and active participation as a champion for PlanET initiatives were important to achieve in 2013. In order to ensure the long-term success of PlanET initiatives, three programs were created that included: 1) PlanET January 2013 Symposium; 2) Series of three Education Roundtables; and 3) ETcompetes! November 2013 Symposium / Summit Event. As part of the assistance with the programs, MBWC was charged with outreach to potential participants, outreach to attendees, event planning, media relations, and on-site event support.

The main objectives were to gather 150-250 attendees at both the Symposium and Summit Events; gather input from the January Symposium and utilize input to garner support at November Summit; 20-30 attendees at each Education Roundtable and develop a tangible plan from the meetings. Through thorough planning and a sound communications implementation process, MBWC ensured that the Symposium had nearly 300 (exceeding goal), and attendees and the Summit event had nearly 200 attendees (meeting goal). The education roundtables each had more than 25 attendees– the desired number for group facilitation. A tangible plan was created from the education roundtables.

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