2024 PRO PR Conference in Belgrade Highlights Leadership and Ethics

The 2024 PRO PR Conference in Belgrade, Serbia, brought together public relations global leaders, unified in PR ethics and best practice.

Some of the most fulfilling experiences in my career since travel restrictions lifted after the pandemic have included travel to other parts of the world for a taste of the true diversity of the global public relations professional community.

It was there that I first saw precisely what Danijel and his team have accomplished over two decades, in bringing together such a wide cross-section of excellence in global PR practice to celebrate our industry, as well as to learn and grow from one another.

Once I met and interacted with the exceptional talent showcased during this event — including the professional development component they also delivered as part of this event — I was hooked.

I had to return for the 2024 conference… this time, as a sponsor alongside Muck Rack, to help nearby PR students from area universities in the region to attend the conference as well:

It was a bit serendipitous to have the unexpected pleasure of sharing the car service from the Belgrade airport to downtown, with none other than the new CEO of the PRCA, James Hewes.

I enjoyed chatting with James on the way into town and “talking shop,” as it were. James helped kick off the conference the next day, by sharing his insights on where the industry is going, from his vantage point of having previously managed an association in an allied industry. It meant a great deal to have the PRCA represented at the conference at the highest level, given that James’ late predecessor valued the PRO PR Conference, too.

Two other friends, Charles Skinner and his lovely wife Caroline from the U.K., were among those who made the most uplifting impression on me, particularly given that I first met them at last year’s event in Croatia.

Their mentorship, kindness and support to everyone could be seen and felt throughout the event. In addition, Charles presented an opening keynote focused on ethics, which set the tone for the conference, for all of us to embrace PR’s highest ideals.

The slate of PRO PR GLOBE Award speakers hailed from all over the world, also including Natasa Pavlovic Bujas — 2024 president of the International Public Relations Association, who presented an inspirational vision of how we can take PR work to the next level:

Thanks to Danijel, it was an honor for me to present several of the awards during the gala event, and to celebrate the life accomplishments of so many colleagues who truly are growing the field of PR in meaningful ways.

Congrats to them both!

On a final note, another highlight for me in Belgrade included the opportunity to share new data and insights about whistleblower and retaliation issues that many in PR confront at some point in their careers. I look forward to sharing continuous updates to this presentation with other audiences, later this year:

Again, huge thanks to Danijel Koletić and his team for making the 2024 PRO PR Conference such an amazing experience for so many and for sharing such a robust, enjoyable Central European locale and cultural immersion with us, as well.


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